Key Points

  • Agility
  • Domain Expertise
  • Partnership approach, “We succeed, when our CLIENT succeeds”
  • Smooth project management
  • Strict Timeline Management
  • Disciplined Deliveries

Our Experience in Market

  • 15+ years of experience in marketing research and business consulting in India
  • Business development
  • Research design
  • Brand Research
  • Project management
  • Client servicing
  • Trendspotting.

Sectoral Coverage (not limited to)

Served reputed brands in India and other parts of the world, across verticals

  • Mobility (Automotive) Consumer goods
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Financial services (including FinTech) - Industrial Products.



Understand life, values and aspirations of consumers via a direct dialogue. Develop deeper insights for gaining new consumers.


Evaluate & optimize your ideas in terms of creating excitement & building persuasion against the required Action Standards.

Messaging TESTING

Measure the ability of your messaging script and delivery system for a relevance, believability and novelty.

BRAND Health

Know health parameters of a brand, and understand performance of your brand on these parameters. Get rid of parasitic values and Make your brand run / fly.

“Happy” your customer

Understand the underlying parameters that will make your customers happy. Develop a sense for satisfaction among your customers at Relational & Transactional level.


Know what your customers are saying about products / services that you make or sell or offer and what they think about your products or services. Thematic Segmentation of conversations across social media platforms. Get social.

Sectoral Reports

Industry situation, competition map, competitive positioning, opportunities, challenges, trends.

“Lead the Leader”- Political Mapping

“Lead the Leader”- Political Mapping Understand a constituency / region to the threadbare. Notice Undercurrents and Faultlines. Spot Influencers and spoilers. Learn Aspirations and challenges. Listen and act. Know your force multipliers. Identify “X Factor”. Develop a clear messaging (Believable and Relevant), deliver inspiration. Use Technology. New and Different. Contest. WIN. Serve.

“GO TO MARKET Strategy

“GO TO MARKET Strategy Develop an idea. Identify product or services. Create a brand. Know target markets and geographies. Map competition. Understand commercials. Identify strong partners. Raid the market. Succeed.